About Retaj Herbs

Human health is our priority, so Retaj believes that herbs and
spices are stone-ground and roasted in helping people to live
healthy and peaceful life. On an area of 4000 square meters.
Retaj sprouted in 2010 in Menofia, Egypt as a manufacturer
and exporter. On our journey we were able to stand out
because we provide the best quality with a competitive price,
because of that Retaj held many partnerships all over the


Retaj values life by providing certified and certified spices, herbs, seeds and aromatic plants. Our products were created to strengthen people's health and preserve our planet. We strive to serve the local and international markets with the quality they deserve.


Encouraging and promoting genuine respect for Mother Nature by inspiring people to explore quality products.


-We are a purpose-built company seeking a test of excellence and supremacy in the food industry.
-Our dedication to nature drives us to our mission.
-We strive to serve our customers with first-class products while creating mutual benefits with our partners

What We Do

Retaj for advanced food industries and trading My WordPress Blog About Us

Spices and herbs aren't just used in culinary for improving the taste of dishes. They are also sources of numerous bioactive compounds significantly beneficial for health. They have been used since ancient times because of their antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, and carminative properties. Several scientific studies have suggested their protective role against chronic diseases We focus our efforts to ensure that all products meet industryleading standards in food safety, quality, and practices.that's why we grow our crops with great care making sure that our crops grow without insecticide or herbicide

Our factory is prepared with the latest equipment and machines which able to produce products with high quality. We focused in our choice of machines and equipment to be from Cambria Danish company as it considers one of the pioneers in the world of manufacturing machines and equipment. Our factory has several production lines which help us to achieve high quality for products in the field of herbs, spices and seeds.

Retaj for advanced food industries and trading My WordPress Blog About Us

our working process
in 3 steps

We are an entrepreneurial driven business based on excellent Communication, Reliability and Trust.


We have our own factory and take pride on our network of growers. We source at least 60% our products through contract farming.

Quality Control

The company has been awarded multiple certifications and follows best practices in the industry.

Customer Service

We undertake and export according to the customized requirements of our international clientele.