Sustainability policy

At Retaj, we believe in the essential role of sustainable practices for long-term value creation

Sustainability policy

Corporate Governance

Anti-corruption & internal audit efforts


Corporate Social Responsibility

Operational Sustainability

Commitment to global principles and initiatives

Corporate Governance

Retaj management understands that the long-term success
of any business depends primarily on adopting a strong
governance model. In this context, a regulatory framework
for the company has been developed that explains how to
conduct the general evaluation of the company’s
performance. This framework defines the roles of the
members of the Board of Directors in line with their efforts
to achieve success and distinction for the company, and
includes their responsibilities in updating the company’s
policies and guidelines, in addition to providing technical
advice to the executive management regarding strategic
issues. The framework also clarifies the rules and
requirements for legal compliance and disclosure, as well
as the roles and responsibilities of each of the audit and
remuneration committees in the company.

Anti-corruption and
internal audit efforts

Anti-corruption and internal audit efforts
The company took the initiative to define standards and
rules for achieving information security and data
protection. The company has also established an internal
audit department, which is responsible for ensuring the
implementation of the rules of the Code of Professional
Conduct and raising employees’ awareness of the efforts
made to combat corruption. In addition, the Complaints
and Reporting Fund has been activated to encourage
employees’ freedom of disclosure and to ensure
professionalism and integrity within the company.

Environmetal Sustainability

Retaj believes in the importance of establishing its business
in a way that contributes to preserving the environment.
The company’s systems related to risk and environment
management, in addition to policies and programs for
environmental health and safety, help reduce
environmental risks associated with manufacturing
operations and ensure safe disposal of waste in a way that
helps maintain the quality of life in the local communities
surrounding its factories. This helps to improve and
increase the efficiency of managing its resources and
reduce the consumption of various facilities, thus
improving the environmental impact in addition to helping
to fulfill many legal obligations related to environmental

Corporate Social


Retaj, within the framework of the follow-up of the Civil
Society Foundation and the Ministry of Education, directed
towards implementing a special program for Retaj to
provide government university students in Menoufia
Governorate with skills that help them develop their skills
to become future leaders. The program includes the
implementation of educational courses for students that
help them develop their personal and life skills, in addition
to teaching many skills, including those related to public
health and budget preparation. With the expansion of this
program, the company has succeeded in serving the largest
number of individuals and communities surrounding its

Operational Sustainability

Retaj’s strategy to achieve the sustainability of its
operations is based on three axes, which is to focus on
increasing profits, improving the conditions of employees,
in addition to protecting the environment from various
impacts. Where Retaj established its factory inside the
industrial areas and provided it with the latest technology,
which makes it far from residential areas and increases the
company’s ability to meet the growing needs of the market
while providing a safe working environment for its
employees, in addition to the ease of performing
maintenance and rehabilitation of the factory when

Commitment to global
principles and initiatives

Retaj has succeeded in developing its model of sustainable
development practices by aligning its own goals with its
commitments to global initiatives and principles, which
enabled it to develop strategies and operations for the
company within the framework of applying its global
principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. The company has also shown a strong
commitment to implementing as much as possible of the
goals of the United Nations for sustainable development, as
it was able to focus on achieving six goals that are
consistent with the goals of Rtaj as a company working in
the field of herbs, seeds, spices and medicinal plants and is
keen to abide by its responsibility towards the local
communities in which it operates

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